Why Home Based Businesses Needs an Answering Service

//Why Home Based Businesses Needs an Answering Service

Why Home Based Businesses Needs an Answering Service


Do you have a Home-Based Business?

If, yes then make sure to do it the right way! The urge for entrepreneurial spirit and with the advent of technologies, everyone is availing the opportunity of having a home business and operating right from your comfort zone. All being said, the most prominent concern is whether you are doing it the right way or not?

Do It the Right Way – Having an Answering Service

It’s the kind of business mantra that you need to listen to your customers if you really want to create a win-win strategy in the competitive world of today. Even if your business is product based, one cannot deny the importance of having services as today’s consumers demand service solutions. So having an answering service is mandatory and will result in following benefits

Creating Great Customer Experience – Relationship marketing

Having an answering service for a home-based business shows that the company welcomes and listens to its customers. The company understands the customer and value their concerns. Moreover, creating a great customer experience will lead to higher revenue generations. All this will result in relationship marketing where your business is keen to form and keep good relations with customers.

No more interruptions- Establishment of Duties

Having an answering service will result in specific people being responsible for attending customers. Duties will be established and your employees will not suffer from the extra burden of listening to calls and making specific time for it.

Generates Quick Responses

Customers are happier and satisfied when they get quick responses from any business. According to a study, if any concern of the customer is handled by the first contact employee they tend to be satisfied by 46%.

So what’s important for your business? Whether you will opt for a Virtual Assistant or a Live Answering Service. First of all, let us discuss both of these. Both Virtual Assistant and Live Answering Service works for Home-Based Businesses. Let’s discuss the differences so you can choose the best.

What Live Answering Services Do?

If you want to save some pounds then go for Live answering services as they are less expensive from hiring a receptionist. However, call answering services can provide your business with many yet limited services. Some these are as follows

Receiving the call

  • Transferring the call to respective personnel
  • Limited Customer Experience is generated.
  • Managing appointments and cancellations
  • Sending out reminders for appointments.


Major Benefit

The major benefit with the call answering service is that it’s affordable and capable of generating a limited customer experience.

Major Drawback

The major drawback is that no human interaction is generated which leads to customer perception of no service being provided or poor quality of service is experienced.

Best suited for Businesses?

Call Answering Service is best suited for following businesses

Businesses concerned with managing daily, weekly or monthly appointments.

Growing companies with a limited budget and can’t afford to hire receptionists.

What Virtual Assistants Do?

Virtual Assistants are referred to as personal or executive assistants, who perform various tasks for the company. Many time-consuming tasks are given to virtual assistants like:

  • Answering customer calls
  • Making reservations
  • Managing appointments
  • Creating a high-quality customer experience

Major Benefit

The most prominent benefit is human interaction, which satisfies the customer the most.

Major Drawback

The major drawback is the cost associated with a virtual assistant which will definitely increase your operating cost.

Best suited for Businesses?

Big businesses which need to outsource low priority tasks

Businesses with unpredictable cash flows or seasonal fluctuations as virtual assistants can make changes to your plan at any time.

In conclusion, live answering service and virtual assistants both focus on the customers and help to create a good customer experience which will not only create your brand image but will also generate high revenue in long-term.


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