The Key Benefits of having an IVR Service

//The Key Benefits of having an IVR Service

The Key Benefits of having an IVR Service

IVR gets your calls and callers where they need to go

One of our most asked-about answering service add-on services is IVR or Interactive Voice Response.

IVR is an automated calling system that interacts with your callers through the use of voice or keyed-in responses. The IVR system is able to manage your calls from their first stages and then uses this information to route your callers to the best and appropriate person, internal extension or outside line.

IVR is both affordable and powerful

Our answering service clients love IVR because it saves them (and, in turn, their callers) a lot of time, manpower, and other valuable resources. It’s efficient and streamlined, which is more important than ever in today’s busy and overloaded world. And what’s more, it’s incredibly affordable while still being quite intuitive and powerful.

When it comes to this answering service add-on, we’ve received so much great feedback along the lines of, “It’s like having a helpful colleague inside our phone at all times!” and “Our callers no longer complain about phone wait times or endless automated loops!”

Key Benefits 

  • Cost‐effective
  • Captures Callers’ Exact Messages and Instructions
  • Reduces Call Times
  • Providers Callers With Pre‐recorded, Pertinent Information
  • Seamless Call Routing
  • Avoids Human Error
  • No Hardware/Software Installation
  • You are open and available to callers 24/7/365
  • Calls are easily and efficiently routed to the right person and the right extension, whether that person is within your phone system or on an outside line
  • Messages are relayed and sent in real-time via voice message, callback number, email, text message or fax
  • You can conduct surveys and polls and/or advertise your services/products
  • You have the ability to place automated outbound calls for tasks like appointment scheduling and bill collection
  • Your callers have a good reason to stay on the line
  • And more!

Let’s get your IVR services set up today!

If you have any questions or you are ready to get IVR up and running on your phone lines now, fill out our contact form or you can call us directly at tel:(833)-765-0444


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