What are customized greetings?

/What are customized greetings?

What are customized greetings?

A customized greeting is a prerecorded announcement that is the initial greeting played to your callers. It can be done in your own voice or it can be professionally done. Customized greetings will assist your company in establishing a strong sense of identity, callers will know that they have reached the right company and they will be assured that their call will be answered immediately.

Some additional benefits of a customized greeting:

  • Calls will be answered immediately.
  • Confirms to the caller that they have dialed the correct number and have reached the right company.
  • Once the recording has completed, a friendly live Answering Service Professional will greet the caller and continue until the call has been completed.
  • Assurance that the company name will always be pronounced correctly.
  • A customized greeting could also be used to up-sell or inform callers of specials, current promotions or any additional important information.
  • The ability to record a customized answering service greeting in your own voice.
  • There is no additional cost for these customized answering service greetings.
  • Proper call handling techniques will positively impact the way prospects and/or clients view the company.
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