Solutions: 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Live Answering Service

//Solutions: 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Live Answering Service

Solutions: 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Live Answering Service

If you have never needed to hire an answering service before, you might be wondering the best way to find the very best telephone answering service. There’s not one response that can cover all potential scenarios. At the end of the day it’ll come down from what works best for your business.

Customer service should be, or is, one of your top priorities as a tiny business proprietor. If you are accountable for a certain region of a far bigger corporation, there’s a great possibility that providing great customer service remains on top of your priority list. Whether they reach an automated upfront service or go directly to the receptionist, just knowing that they’re on course for getting responses can make a major difference.

Surprising company growth can considerably increase the amount of consumer calls. By saving valuable employee time that would otherwise be spent in answering calls a call answering service can be very useful in such circumstances and eases additional expansion. This time may be used to perform work operations that were important. 

Here are four reasons to give it a try:

  1. Extending your availability for customers. Customers expect that many businesses will be available to them around the clock, so they often call for information when it’s convenient for them.If you’re only answering the phone when you’re at work, this leaves something like 16 hours a day of unmanned phone time. Many customers won’t be content to simply leave a message and wait around for a return call for a simple question and callers with an emergency need the reassurance that someone will be there for them. Having an answering service in place for after-hours calls gives both of you some peace of mind and the ability to connect any time.
  1. Creating a backup plan when your phone line gets busy. Have you ever run a really successful marketing campaign that lit the phones on fire? Then you know exactly how important it is to capture each one of those leads and how hard it can be to do that in reality. An answering service can be configured to take your overflow calls, those calls that come through when you already have the line tied up, to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to connect with a lead.
  1. Helping you save money. When you’re a small business, there’s plenty that’s still growing, including your budget. Dedicated phone employees can be costly, especially when you don’t have enough other work for them to do to justify their salary and benefits. Luckily, an answering service can give you all the benefits of hiring highly qualified telephone staff at a fraction of the price since you only pay for the time you use.
  1. Making more money. Believe it or not, good telephone service directly affects your bottom line. Not only will callers keep calling and even drop by your retail location when the service is great, American Express’s 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer revealed that over two thirds of your customers are willing to spend up to 14 percent more with you if you provide excellent customer service. Building up your existing customer base is much cheaper than finding new customers, especially when all it takes is partnering with telephone professionals.

You want more growth, but how do you handle it?

You want better customer service, but you can’t afford more staff. You need to be working 24/7, but you are human. You would like to see your family more before your kids grow up and leave the house, but how do you find work-life balance when trying to get your business off the ground, because after all this is what you have been working towards. 

Set up your Small Business Answering Service Today.

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