No matter the type of business you are running (whether as a doctor, lawyer or real estate agent) you should a system set in place for handling calls you receive. Generally, there are two options to consider; one of which is the use of an onsite receptionist to handle calls during normal business hours while the other is to make use of telephone answering services to take and direct calls during and after business hours. If your company is yet to decide on which service to use, then continue reading to learn about the advantages that come with choosing a telephone answering service over an on-site receptionist.

Improved Business Focus

When you decide to hire an on-site receptionist, the receptionist will only focus on the customers who are visiting your company in person. The constant bustle of answering phones calls and the constant tones of delivering messages can easily distract customers, employees, and clients. While some callers may get frustrated being placed on hold, the receptionist may be busy attending to someone standing at their desk. In this way, a lot of important business transactions may be lost. In other words, with a telephone answering service, friendly and qualified operators will answer all calls and channel all messages accordingly thereby allowing your staff to focus more on their different business operations.

Improved Time Management

An on-site receptionist always has time to close and you will have to come into the office every day to read and reply messages, empty out your voicemail, and return missed calls. If this is part of your daily routine, then you need the service after hour answering service. Save your time to do another important thing for your business by hiring a telephone answering service.

Reduced Costs

You may have to spend a huge amount of money training and maintaining an on-site receptionist mainly for handling calls or receiving and delivering messages, especially for startups with limited budgets. However, retaining an in-house receptionist means extra operating expense for benefits and overhead costs. Live answering service can help you carry the same tasks out without the added expenses.


In other words, no matter which choice you make, it is very clear that a telephone answering service provides savings over an on-site receptionist and for the right law firm, doctors, and real estate, they can replace your on-site receptionist completely. Are you looking for the best after-hours answering service? Then, you can pay 365 Virtual Solutions a visit or give us a call. 365 Virtual Solutions offer a 24/7 answering service for doctors, lawyers, and real estate. Do you need more information? ScheduleĀ a Free 30 Minute Consultation here now.

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