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Answering Service

Our all-inclusive pricing model is unique to the call center industry. We provide a fair and balanced method of billing that only charges you for the time our operators are working for you. No matter what your script requires, the price is the same. Whether you need us to dispatch calls, take messages and email it to 5 people, enter leads to your website, fulfill after hours paging or more your cost is the same. You simply choose one of our plans based on the number of minutes our operators will be on the phone with your callers. ALL MINUTES are billed on ONE SECOND INCREMENTS. Meaning that if a call lasts 31 seconds, then you only get deducted 31 seconds from your plan minutes, NOT the full 60 seconds. You are only charged for the time we are working for you.

Why is it that finding upfront pricing and simple, easy to compare plans is so hard to do with traditionally answering services? We get it, you’re looking for feature-packed bundles with exceptional service. Welcome to what we call, “Pricing Made Simple”. See the table below to get a snapshot of our plans and pricing.

Plan Features

Free Custom Call Scripting
Live Agent 24/7 Coverage
Trained Virtual Receptionists
Free Call Transfers
Free Message Taking
Lead Collection
Lead Generation
Appointment Scheduling
Order Processing

No Account Support Fee
Free Local Voicemail
Virtual Fax
Message Delivery by Email
Message Delivery by Fax
Message Delivery by SMS (text)
Message to Live Person Relay
Web Forms

Call Dispatching
No Holiday Fees
Online Administration
24x7x365 Service
Free Virtual Fax #
Local or Toll-Free Number
Six Second Increment Billing
Free Call Patching
No Contract

FIND ANSWERS TO FAQS and other important information on our website including how you can forward an existing number to us.

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