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The fastest way to help your customers

According to a study, 63% customers are likely to come back and make purchases when they get the live chat service. Having loyal customers is really beneficial for the company as they become the potential customers and are already aware of your business. It saves company costs of getting and keeping them.

E-Commerce Businesses

In this modern era, every new business is jumping on the bandwagon of e-commerce. This trend of using modern technology to fuel your business processes has led to the success of many businesses. However, this new trend has its pros and cons. Notably, for e-commerce businesses building a connection between contact employee and customer is the biggest challenge. Company perceptions fall short of customer expectations and the result is poor customer service, leading to poor sales and lower revenue generation. This is the biggest challenge and can be tackled by providing customer-oriented services which add value to your e-commerce business.

Challenge for E-Commerce Business - Customers Issues Getting Unnoticed

No one can deny the modern technology benefits but it has its drawbacks too. One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce businesses is to listen to its customers. Provider Gap 1 says that company is many times unable to listen to customer expectations due to one or many reasons leading to business failure. However, this challenge can be tackle by providing Live Chat Services. Customer concerns will be noticed and through proper recovery mechanism, the issue will be resolved.

Importance of Live Chat Services in E-commerce businesses

Live Chat Services are the backbone of e-commerce businesses. Making it easy for customers to ask product related questions and make their purchases after proper consultation. It’s an untapped potential which builds a rapport and relation with your customers, increasing the chances of long-term relationships.

It shows that the company cares about their customer viewpoints and listens to them, which in turn results in customer satisfaction. The more satisfied the customer with your services the more the lifetime value and profitability of your firm.

Another key point to remember is in online businesses there is lack of physical appearance. Live chat services add value to your e-commerce business as it involves human interaction which customers value.

Moreover, as customer interacts, they provide valuable feedback whether negative or positive, company, however, gets the second chance to make things right, leading to more customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Service- More Tangibility

Customer services are as important for the online business as the core product which it actually offers. As online businesses are intangible, there is always a need to make them a bit more tangible by adding services, with a human element.

Due to a competitive market, consumers are expecting services from the companies which creates the good customer experience. Lack of customer service leads to the poor perception of the company’s image.

Customer Service reduces the sense of risk and builds confidence in your organization. For e-commerce business consumers often perceive higher risk when they go for decision making. So, providing an adequate service makes your e-commerce business tangible.

5 Benefits of Live Chat Services

1. Leading Contact Source

In online business, live chat service is one of the leading contact sources by 42%. This contact form is desired and liked by online customers. For companies, the main concern is helping out the customer. By using this channel, they save a lot of time and effort which is utilized with phone calls etc. However, with live chat service, the communication between contact employee and customer is faster and easier than before. The study says this form of communication is the most informative, as it gives company important insights.  

2. Customer Oriented

Live chat services are totally customer oriented, as the prime focus is to listen and solve the customer concerns. According to one study, 44% customers desire an online assistant while doing online shopping. Through live chat service, they get a chance to talk to some person who represents the online business. Most importantly, it builds customer confidence and they trust the company and make purchases without actually seeing the product live. It leads to greater chances of purchase and thus more revenue generation.

3. Increased Conversion Rates – More Sales

It’s a common trend in businesses that actual customer who makes a purchase is very few. According to some research, customers who involve in chatting their conversion rate is higher as compared to those who don’t. As the company representatives interact it builds customer confidence into the brand, which makes decision making easier for the customer.
The more the service, the more will be the conversion rates. All this will lead to customer lifetime value and higher sales at the company end. Even if you want to succeed it’s important to focus on employee training. Proper training leads to adequate interaction between employee and customer which leads to higher conversion rates.

4. Gives You Competitive Advantage

Online businesses are common these days, having an online presence is a must for all the companies to survive. Having a Live Chat Service gives your company the competitive advantage over others. Even big names like Apple, are also providing real-time customer services to enhance their experience over the online website. Adding service will definitely help your company staying ahead of the competition.

5. Builds Long-Term Relationships

As tremendous amounts of alternatives are available, unsatisfied customers switch to other brands without giving a company the second chance. As the zone of tolerance of customers is narrow, e-commerce business should focus on customers and provide them with good experience. As Live Chat Service makes it easy for customers to interact and increases customer satisfaction. It helps to create loyal customers, who never switch the brand.

The Features


Pre-chat surveys allow you to control whether visitors are taken directly into the queue after clicking on a Chat Now button or if they should fill out a pre-chat survey. You can also control the fields that appear in the pre-chat survey such as the visitor’s name, email address, etc.


A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) “is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot”. 365 Virtual Solutions allows you to specify whether visitors are required to enter a valid CAPTCHA before being sent to the queue.


365 Virtual Solutions provides you with the code required to simply copy and paste to your website. You may provide any valid URL path to an image you would like to display your Chat Now button and generate a dynamic button for use.


Pre-defined messages let you set up a list of common responses for your customer service agents. You simply enter any pre-defined verbiage you would like to allow agents to select from and add it to a list of canned messages.


While CAPTCHA is great for combating automated systems, it isn’t too great at combating humans. Our Banned Visitors feature allows you to block certain visitors from chatting, such as known prank visitors or individuals who have shown a history of harassment.

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