Is an Answering Machine Answering Your Business Phone Line?

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Is an Answering Machine Answering Your Business Phone Line?

The first impression matters a lot most of the time in business. This is because it is not always possible to get a second chance to make a first impression. People always make snap decisions and judgments about everything we encounter about any business. This is part of our “flight or flee” instincts. Since we were designed for self-preservation, our instincts were developed to make speedy judgments to keep animals away from eating us.

So, in business, first impressions do matter. The first impression to a potential client and customer is very important to whether they will do business with your company or not. One of your front doors to customers is your business phone line. The way you answer your business phone line can make or break a customer relationship. When it comes to having an effective telephone communication with a customer, it is better not done by answering machines. What type of answering service are you using for your business?


A real person is always better than voice mail. There is always a common complaint by all callers being answered by a computer answering system. This is because people hate to leave a message as requested by answering machines always. This is mostly done in another way when callers will have to make some mechanical choices before getting to a real person. Most callers do hang up because they are mostly confused and frustrated. This does result in a loss of a customer.

This is one more reason why it is better to be attended to by the real person. It is more stimulating for your business callers to be greeted by a real person. People always want their calls to be answered swiftly by a real person rather than a machine and to know their call is important.

Not every business owners have the time to receive business calls. If you are a business owner with little or no time to answer every phone call that comes into your business, you may be in need of a telephone answering service. This is where we can help you out. We are real answering service that can help you receive all your business calls rather than you having to sending your customers to voice mail.

At 365 Virtual Solutions, we provide you with all the benefits of a personal assistant and you will not have to pay for a full-time employee. We can serve as your Director of First Impressions. We have well-trained virtual administrative assistants and they understand the do’s and don’ts of flourishing business phone calls. Using answering machines to answer your business phone line can be a serious problem as you may lose both your current and potential customers and they may take their business elsewhere instead. Consider using us instead, so you can ensure that a professional always answers your phone.

Visit here to know more about our services and have us start answering your calls today. If you need to visit our office, we are located at 365 Virtual Solutions, LLC.


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