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What kinds of entertainment businesses use answering services?

When we talk about “the entertainment business,” we are referring to a wide range of business types in and around the business word, from music to theater to events to dance to parties to catering to photography. You name it, and our team of virtual receptionists has worked with a business and callers like yours.

An answering service is an asset to your entertainment business

In your business, things can change in an instant, and one phone call can make all the difference. Imagine how it might feel to be in a meeting or out on the road and know that your calls and callers are being taken care of by a professional team of phone agents who are as professional, helpful and friendly as they come. No more worrying about phones going to voicemail and messages not being returned – you can finally rest assured that someone has you, your business and your callers covered, including:

  • Answering calls
  • Giving information and answers to basic and frequently-asked questions, including hours of operation and location directions
  • Relaying messages to you and anyone else on your team (in real-time, via SMS/text, email, live, among other ways)
  • Scheduling, setting up and rescheduling appointments
  • And more!


Let’s get your entertainment answering service set up today!

We can get your service up and running right now. Call us toll-free 1.800.262.0374  or  fill out our Contact Form  and we will be in touch immediately. We look forward to serving you and your callers with professionalism and true warmth.

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