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Employee  Attendance Tracking

When people show up late for work, or don’t show up at all, it has a major impact on business. How much does it cost you to be down for an hour…or worse, an entire shift!? Time and Attendance Tracking helps you understand the impact tardiness and absence has on business and how to adapt.

365 Virtual Solutions  lets you know who will be late or absent for their shift in advance so you can reduce downtime and maximize production!

How it works

We’ll set up a dedicated phone number for your employees to call when they expect to be late or absent. We gather data when they call and put it into a report which is sent to you so you can better maximize production for upcoming shifts. Here are a few of the benefits of Attendance Tracking:

  • No disputes with employees – every call is digitally recorded and time stamped.
  • Customized reporting to give you the data you need.
  • Consistency through cooperative script development.

With Employee Attendance Tracking, you can make adjustments more quickly when employees don’t make it in and you can also see what impact employee habits and tendencies are having on your business over time. These insights help you maintain optimal productivity and avoid fulfillment issues.

Attendance Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you track attendance for my company?
A:  We provide you with a dedicated toll-free or local number for your employees to call when they will be late or absent for work.  When they call in, we’ll collect the necessary information that you need, then add the “call-out” to a database which will get uploaded to you throughout the day.  An email with each callout can also be sent immediately if you prefer.

Q:  Do you provide documentation of the call-outs?
A:  All calls are digitally recorded and time stamped so that if there is ever a question about a particular employee or call, there will be a record of it.

Q:  What kind of reporting options do you provide?
A:  Custom reporting can be built to your specifications so that you have the data you need for your business.  It can be sent via email or uploaded to a website for you and your team.



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