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Operating an internet-based business is completely different than running a brick and mortar storefront. Your business is open all day, every day…24/7 in every time zone around the world. In order to meet the demands of your virtual business environment, you need a strategic business plan and a little creative thinking. At 365 Virtual Solutions, we do creative.

There are many benefits of conducting business online and around the clock availability is one of them. Customers can choose from millions of products on the Internet, so it’s important for you to set yourself apart from all the competition. In your virtual world, product selection, shipping methods, and return policies are all important…but excellent customer service is huge. Your unique business hours require proper phone coverage. And, customers want to speak to a live person when they have an issue.

Our 24 hour, US-based call center can handle your customers’ immediate needs any time, day or night. With 365 Virtual Solutions  internet answering service and online answering service, your customers can talk to a live person (an important component in customer satisfaction). Our friendly operators are professionally trained to handle your business. They can take messages, forward calls, support customer inquiries, provide shipping and product information, take simple web orders, and more. And don’t worry…all leads that come in…they’re captured for you. 

We know you can’t be everywhere 24/7. Let us be a part of your virtual team.


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