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Few marketing programs are as exciting, rewarding or as potentially  risky for newcomers as Direct Response. You watch the switchboards  light up and hear agents talk with customers or donors as ad spots,  infomercials and pledge appeals appear on the screen or are heard  live.  


365 Virtual Solutions  can ensure that your promotions are successful by  leveraging your direct response campaign with our award‐winning call  center services. Whether you anticipate 1,000 calls or 10,000 while  running a local spot or a national campaign, 365 Virtual Solutions will be  standing by to capture each order, donation or pledge.

365 Virtual Solutions direct response programs encompass every medium in  the industry, from direct response television (DRTV), radio, direct  mail, email campaigns and catalog to internet and web chat. We  provide an unparalleled array of services, including:

  • Order/donation entry and processing, including secure credit card handling  
  • Lead qualification, including closing on low‐ranked deals
  • Outbound notifications to customers about pre‐show or catalogue drops to boost sales and generate excitement
  • Inbound customer service and outbound customer care follow‐up  TTY and IP Relay services to connect with the hearing‐impaired

Key Benefits  

  • Multilingual Communication Support
  • Timely Reporting and Results  24/7/365  
  • Cost‐effective
  • Customizable to Fit Your Campaign  
  • PCI‐DSS Compliant

Key Features

  • DRTV Services  
  • Radio Advertising Response  
  • Catalog/Order Entry  
  • Internet Response  
  • Direct Mail Campaigns  
  • Email Response  
  • Lead Qualification
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Options
  • Order Management and Fulfillment Services
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