After Hours Answering Service


No matter what the nature of your business or practice, chances are that some of your clients, customers and callers are reaching out to you 24/7. They expect their calls to be attended to at all hours, and if they do not feel paid attention to, they may take their business elsewhere.

After-Hours Answering Services Give You Time Off

When you work with an after-hours answering service, you are able to serve your callers around-the-clock without you having to physically work the phones at all hours of the night, weekend or holidays.

When you are a 24/7 operation, you are able to deliver the kind of “always-open” service that your callers – and all of today’s consumers and patients – have come to expect. Extending your business hours without the support of an answering services team will likely stretch you and your team thin, cost more money, decrease efficiencies and, ultimately, not even adequately even serve your callers.

Benefits Of An After-Hours Answering Service

When your phones are open for business day and night, weekend and holiday:

  • You won’t miss another call or chance for new or expanded business
  • Your callers will always be greeted with a live, friendly and professional person on the other end
  • You and your team will be able to leave the office and go home with true peace of mind knowing that you’re covered
  • You will be able to better focus on sales, business development and other key areas of running and growing your business
  • You’ll save money and other key resources
  • And so much more!

 Let’s Discuss Your After-Hours Answering Service Needs

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