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Take simple pledge drive calls for PBS, NPR, Wounded Warrior, St Jude, ASPCA, and various other non-profit organizations. You WILL NOT be soliciting pledges but instead taking incoming calls from persons who have already decided to make a donation.

The training is 100% self-paced and can be completed within one day.

Pay: $0.20 per talk minute base pay with bonuses that can take you up to $0.32 per talk minute (average earnings is $12-$19 per hour) giving you the potential to make some great spending money for the holidays!

This is 24/7 shifts and you will be choosing your own hours.
Minimum working is 15 hours per week. There will be heavy call volume during these months.

Note: This Opportunity is not available in the Following States:  Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, W Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont, California and South Dakota.

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