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No matter what the nature of your business or practice, chances are that some of your clients, customers and callers are reaching out to you 24/7. They expect their calls to be attended to at all hours, and if they do not feel paid attention to, they may take their business elsewhere.

After-Hours Answering Services Give You Time Off

When you work with an after-hours answering service, you are able to serve your callers around-the-clock without you having to physically work the phones at all hours of the night, weekend or holidays.

When you are a 24/7 operation, you are able to deliver the kind of “always-open” service that your callers – and all of today’s consumers and patients – have come to expect. Extending your business hours without the support of an answering services team will likely stretch you and your team thin, cost more money, decrease efficiencies and, ultimately, not even adequately even serve your callers.

Benefits Of An Answering Service

When your phones are open for business day and night, weekend and holiday:

  • You won’t miss another call or chance for new or expanded business
  • Your callers will always be greeted with a live, friendly and professional person on the other end
  • You and your team will be able to leave the office and go home with true peace of mind knowing that you’re covered
  • You will be able to better focus on sales, business development and other key areas of running and growing your business
  • You’ll save money and other key resources
  • And so much more!


Accounting Answering Service

Throughout tax season and beyond, 365 Virtual Solutions  is here to ease the load.  Paperwork, numbers, and long hours are an accountant’s bread and butter during tax season. You live among stacks of paperwork and phones that never seem to stop ringing. Well 365 Virtual Solutions  is here to help.

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Consulting Firms Answering Service

When you represent a consulting firm, you know that every time the phone rings, new business could be on its way to you. That’s the great news. The not-as-great news is that it isn’t realistic to expect that you – or anyone else on your team – can be by your phone waiting for such calls all day, every day. That’s where live answering services come into play for a consulting business like yours. No one person or even a small team of people can do it all. That’s why we are there for you and your callers 24/7/365. Our live receptionists are all fully trained and ready to serve you and your callers with warmth, professionalism and a lot of know-how.

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Why would a construction company need a contractor’s answering service? You know that a good foundation is essential for any construction project. You want that foundation reinforced to handle all the pressure and still maintain its strength.  Look at a construction company answering service as the rebar in your foundation that will add strength and added support. 365 Virtual Solutions offers the perfect support for your business as a live contractor company answering service.

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Dental Answering Service

Patients talk to a live person 24/7. Patients are your business and it's important for them to be taken care of when they call your office. Whether they are calling in to schedule a cleaning, have a toothache, or an emergency, it’s important they speak to a live person who can help them.

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E-Commerce Answering Service

Operating an internet-based business is completely different than running a brick and mortar storefront. Your business is open all day, every day…24/7 in every time zone around the world. In order to meet the demands of your virtual business environment, you need a strategic business plan and a little creative thinking. At 365 Virtual Solutions, we do creative.

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Education Answering Service

As an educational facility, you get your share of calls…calls from prospective students and their families, returning students, faculty, staff, and and more. Did you know there is a way to handle your admissions, registration, and overflow calls affordably? There is…and that way is with 365 Virtual Solutions. 

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Entertainment Industry Answering Service

When we talk about “the entertainment business,” we are referring to a wide range of business types in and around the business word, from music to theater to events to dance to parties to catering to photography. You name it, and our team of virtual receptionists has worked with a business and callers like yours.

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Funeral Home Answering Service

When you work in the funeral industry, it is crucial that your phones are answered with the very highest levels of compassion, discretion and professionalism. What’s more – and certainly, you know this better than anyone – your business isn’t one with “traditional” office hours, and the expectations from your callers and their families is that you will be open and available 24/7/365, without exception.

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Hospitality Answering Service

Running a business in the hospitality industry is no easy task. As a matter of fact, that top level of service is a must…especially if you want your customers to return. Let 365 Virtual Solutions help you deliver that kind of service.

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Legal Answering Service

Providing answering services and virtual receptionist services for attorneys, law firms, solo practices and lawyers throughout the country. We work with lawyers and their legal team members who seek U.S.-based off-site virtual receptionists to perform 24/7 answering services including: taking phone calls, making appointments, passing on new client lead information and answering general questions about the services.

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Medical Industry Answering Service

Every medical unit needs an expert team to handle their after-hours calls and all overflow calls they can’t handle. To speed up and enhance medical activities, medical answering service becomes inevitable. However, it calls for a brand that has an in-depth experience and passion for medical answering.

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Non-Profit Answering Service

Running a successful not-for-profit organization takes extraordinary people doing remarkable things. And if your intention is to do good for others - to change the world in an important way, we want to HELP.

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Real Estate and Property Management Answering Service

Here at 365 Virtual Solutions, we work closely with real estate professionals, agents and firms, providing live, U.S.-based trained virtual receptionists to represent your business 24/7. As an extension of your real estate team, we can answer your phones, make appointments, share information on listings, pass on leads and respond to general questions about your real estate services.

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Restaurant Answering Service

Let’s face it…customers have high expectations when they dine in your restaurant, no matter how many times they’ve been there. As an owner or manager in the restaurant industry, you know customer satisfaction equals a thriving business.

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Service Industry Answering Service

We act as an extension of your business, providing reliable 24 hour answering service to companies such as HVAC, Plumbing, Janitorial, Water Extraction, and General Contractors. With the fastest pickup time in the industry, our team makes sure you won’t miss another important call.

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Small Business Answering Service

Whether your business is new and growing or more well-established and thriving, there are always more things to be done and attended to than there are hours in the day. So much to do…Being busy, growing rapidly, having phones ringing off the hook – these are all great things! But it can be hard to properly serve and address everyone and everything that requires attention, especially when it seems to be coming at you all at once.

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